This Cat Isn’t Shy About Telling Owner That It Hates Her Singing

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This funny and fascinating one-minute video popped up on YouTube on June 23 by Caters Clips. It was filmed by Marianne Kane, an Irish woman living in New Jersey. She’s skillfully singing ABBA’s “Thank You For the Music,” but one of her pet cats is not at all thankful for her nice serenade.

The video begins with two of her pets listening on respectfully. One kitty even looks mesmerized by her song. Then, Sunny, the song-hating cat, hops over a table to go in for the “attack.” Sunny lunges up at her owner in an attempt to get her to stop making the joyous sounds.

Cater Clips says that Kane confessed, “It first happened last year. I was standing singing with my eyes closed and the next thing Sunny is hanging on my arm.”

Who knows why this kitty is either unhappy with Kane’s vocals or is so overly stimulated by the sound she wants to stop the source. Maybe Sunny loves it so much she can’t stand it?

Whatever the reason, Kane isn’t alone with her unappreciative pet. Many videos on YouTube show cats acting strangely when their owners sing. Hopefully, Kane continues to croon despite the cat resistance!