Cat Covered in Matted Fur Finally Gets the Care it Needs and Transforms

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An animal shelter in Chicago called The Anti-Cruelty Society welcomed Sinbad the Persian cat with open arms, but what they saw was perplexing. The shape of a cat was almost unrecognizable underneath the filthy and matted fur that covered the poor creature. says there were even maggots crawling in his hair.

“It really did look like he was dragging a carpet behind him. He was tired, you could tell,” Colette Bradley, a spokesperson for the Anti-Cruelty Society told the news. It took hours for employees to shave five pounds of hair off of Sinbad, but once he was free of all the nasty fur, he began to grow a clean white coat to signify his new beginning.

After six weeks of care at the shelter, it was time for Sinbad to start a completely different life. He was adopted by Elliott Serrano who works at the shelter. It’s clear that Sinbad’s new owner absolutely adores the transformed cat as Serrano set up a Facebook page and Instagram account sso fans can continue to follow Sinbad’s journey. According to Facebook, Sinbad “likes to go[ing] on adventures, meeting new people, and dressing in colorful costumes!” Enjoy photos of his funny face and beautiful new coat below.

What a difference some TLC makes! #sinbadthesurvivor #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop

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"A new outfit? Is this gonna be a thing?" #sinbadthesurvivor #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop

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