Cat Ruins Its Christmas Day Surprise

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Tony Maples Photography


It’s every little kid’s dream to receive a new pet wrapped up in a Christmassy box (with breathing holes of course) delivered by Santa . Heather Brooker and her husband wanted to record her 3-year-old daughter opening up a big box containing a kitten wearing a bow to share with her readers on, but the magical moment didn’t quite go as planned thanks to a mischievous young cat.

As her daughter carefully took the bows off the present before flipping open the top of the box, the cat snuck out like it was on a covert mission. The Brookers laughed and didn’t fret over the mishap, so when the little girl realized that her present wasn’t just an empty box, the moment is even more precious than if it had gone as originally planned.

There’s no word on how long it took the cat to calm down enough to be held, but Brooker answers how her 3-year-old felt about the kitty once she got to properly take a look at it. She wrote in her blog, “Our new cat’s name is Gracie I Love You Brooker. That pretty much sums up all the feels Channing has for our new family member.”