Cat With Rare Skin Condition is Absolutely Gorgeous

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Over 69,600 people follow Scrappy on Instagram, and after taking one look at this unusual cat, thousands more will click “follow” to see more of this fantastic feline and his beautiful coat.

The setting of the sun creates the perfect lighting for my close up??

A photo posted by Scrappy (@seniorscrappy) on

According to, there’s no need to worry, Scrappy is perfectly healthy overall. He began developing white spots at 7-years-old even though he was born as a completely black kitty. Veterinarians believe that he has a very rare condition for cats – vitiligo. For a while, his fur and skin seemed to change rapidly, but now, the change has slowed at 18-years-old.

Scrappy’s Facebook page, which has over 67,000 followers, provides more photos for fans who can’t get enough of this lovable oddity. His motley pattern is stunning and almost reminiscent of cookies and cream ice cream.

Fans can’t help but shower Scrappy with compliments. Facebook user wrote Laura Jaudon Booth, “Scrappy, you took my breath away at first glance. Never have I seen a more gorgeous markings on a cat. Wow….just wow.”

Despite his age, Scrappy still loves to play and act like a kitten. Hopefully he continues to stay a “kitten at heart,” so we can all enjoy him for years to come.