Catfish Stocking in Texas Urban Lakes for Neighborhood Fishin’ Program

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With springtime in full swing, one of the great annual traditions that adults and children alike can experience is fishing! And on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department began stocking catfish in 19 Texas urban lakes as part of its Neighborhood Fishin’ program. Each lake received thousands of channel catfish and will continue to receive stockings through November on a bi-weekly basis.

Catfish Stocking in Texas Urban Lakes for Neighborhood Fishin’ Program

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For some “Reel Fun Close to Home,” the Neighborhood Fishin’ program sites can be found at the link available here. Four Houston-area lakes, five in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and four Texas Hill Country urban lakes are included among the 19 spots. Abilene, Waco, San Angelo, Amarillo, Bryan-College Station, and Wichita Falls are home to the others. These Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes are all situated in great park locations, featuring restrooms, plenty of parking, lighting, and a variety of additional recreational amenities if need be. They are designed to ensure the entire family has an enjoyable experience.

Catfish Stocking in Texas Urban Lakes for Neighborhood Fishin’ Program

Photo: Flickr/Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

According to reports, anglers are allowed to keep a maximum of five fish per day with no minimum length limit. There will also be fish cleaning tables made available at some locations to ensure your catch is good to go. TPWD Inland Fisheries Management and Research Chief Dave Terre stated, “Our Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes are conveniently located in these urban and suburban areas so that Texans don’t have to travel outside the city to have a great fishing experience.” He also added, “Catfish are fun and easy to catch for anglers of all ages and experience levels. If you’ve never fished before these are the perfect places to get started, and if you are already an experienced angler this is a great opportunity to introduce fishing to a friend or family member. Kids under 17 can fish for free, however, adults will require a fishing license to make use of the Neighborhood Fishin’ urban lake sites. Fishing licenses can be bought for as low as $11 for a “one-day, all-water” access. All license proceeds will go toward the TPWD management and conservation efforts for these fish and the habitats they require.