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Caussey’s Corner: A Look Back at a Letter to a Soldier

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(Columnist’s Note:  The daily sacrifices of the American soldiers and their families are too often forgotten by those of us whose daily lives have not been so directly affected by such continuing military operations as Operation Freedom. Teachers and students at Oak Cliff’s Quintanilla Middle School recently wrote letters to the U. S. servicemen and women engaged in overseas conflicts. I am attaching a letter from one of the teachers as a reminder to all of us that we should continue to pray for the safety of these young men and women as well as thank God for their sacrifice.)

January 26, 2006

Dear American Soldier,

Words can not begin to express to you how honored I am to have you defending our country. My home, family, church, job, and friends are close at hand because you have chosen to make my life safer and more comfortable.


Tomorrow you will awaken and arm yourself while placing the most precious thing you have {your life} on the line to defend our country and her people’s freedom. Thank you for that tremendous gift. It is an awesome responsibility.

Please disregard what negative things you may hear or see in the media. Know that you are truly loved by your people and we have carved a special place in our hearts for remembrances. Your thoughts are on our minds and prayers to the Almighty on your behalf are spoken from our lips. Never doubt our resolve to always remember what you have done. America is a blessed land and you are the epitome of those rich blessings.

In the long ago, before there was time or elements, the Creator decided to make a perfect creature that reflected the Divine’s image. He made humankind. And throughout the eons of time this Creator has given humankind protectors from the evils of the world. You, the American Soldier, are the protector of this generation of Americans.

Caussey's Corner: A Look Back at a Letter to a Soldier

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You join a noble brotherhood that has existed since before the Hebrew spies reported the enemy’s encampments to Joshua. You sat around the campfires with fellow Spartans ready for the morning so you could defend the whole Greek civilization against the Persian hordes. One winter, you froze at Valley Forge, and then a few years later you scattered the British through the Louisiana Swamp. The Rio Grande became our southern border thanks to you. You faced your brother at Manassas and wept as Atlanta burned. You kicked the Kaiser out of France and caused the leader of a master race to tremble in his fuehrer bunker near the Chancellery. You left your boot prints in the snow at Inchon, and in the mud of the rice fields in the Mekong Delta.

Today you fight sand and heat and a cowardly enemy who uses women and children as shields as they try to blow you apart in market places and houses of worship. But let not your hearts falter or be troubled. Rest assured that we, the American people, know that you are the last vanguard that protects and separates our world of peaceful normalcy from the darkened abyss of Hades.

God Bless You and God Bless America.


A 7th Grade History teacher

Quintanilla Middle School

Dallas, Texas


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