Caussey’s Corner: Trees are Our Friends in the Garden of the World

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After reading this book, I firmly believe trees are special creatures. Like humans they need to be loved and nurtured, and if you listen, they will communicate with you. Not so much verbally but with a kind of dialogue from one heart to another heart instead of from voice to ear. Each year we harvest over a billion of our friends. I believe trees have medical and mystical powers and memory. So each tree that dies we lose a part of the collective knowledge learned in its lifetime.

God created a Garden before He made Man. He told Adam and Eve to take care and tend the garden. The Bible is filled with stories of great people who withdrew to a garden to meditate or pray during horrible times. Jesus went into a wilderness where he prayed to God and was tempted by the Devil. He left his apostles and went into the Garden of Gethsemane to seek the comfort needed for the trials ahead. The garden still exists today and there are olive trees (grove) there who witnessed that event. Jesus preached his first public sermon from the Mount of Olives. Some of those olive groves may still be alive.

Caussey's Corner: Trees are Our Friends in the Garden of the World
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One summer I taught an American History class at Valley Forge Christian College. When I talked about that terrible winter of 1776, I always took the class to a small grove of trees where there was a statue of George Washington on his knees praying for relief for his shrinking army of mostly boys. They were hungry, disease ridden, near naked, and low on ammunition. The army survived the winter. The forest witnessed his prayer.