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The Cedar Count is Breaking Historical Records in Austin 

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If you’ve been sniffing and sneezing lately, cedar might be to blame. Last week in Austin, KXAN reported that the cedar count had reached the second highest count in recorded history. The news pulled figures from older cedar spikes, and it appears that the end of this December fell behind the mega-spike in the mid-1990s, but ahead of the spike two years ago.

  • Mid-1990s
    • 32,000 grains/cubic meter
  • Dec. 29, 2016
    • 21,952 grains/cubic meter
  • Jan. 15, 2014
    • 21,400 grains/cubic meter

Late December begins the season for cedar, which continues to wreak havoc on allergy sufferers until March. On the bright side, if enough rain falls, the cedar count can be lowered significantly.

Of course, Austin isn’t the only Texas city suffering through allergies. If you pop over to Pollen.com, you can see that Texas unluckily has the most colorful markings in the continental United States, meaning that most of the state has “high” or “medium-high” pollen counts. Clicking on your nearest major city will give you a pollen forecast for up to five days. Next time you’re wondering if you’ve caught a cold or if you’re suffering through an allergy attack, perhaps this site can clue you in.