Centerton Officers Hang Christmas Lights for Disabled Citizen

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To protect and serve is more than just a catch phrase. Centerton, Arkansas Police Officers, in the name of spreading holiday cheer, take the serve portion a step further by hanging Christmas lights.

For years, Vickey Hill, with the help of close family and friends, decorated her home with Christmas lights and a Nativity scene. According to KFSM, Ms. Hill said “I’ve been wanting to get my Christmas lights put up and a nativity that’s always been out in my front yard. It’s a testimony of what Christmas is all about.”

Centerton, AR Police Officer sorting out a cord of Christmas Lights

Photo: Facebook/Centerton Police Department

For whatever reason, this year Ms. Hill’s regular helpers were unable to assist her. She would do the work herself but with her disabilities, she is physically unable to hang the lights. Nor could she set up the Nativity scene. Ms. Hill contacted Centerton, Arkansas City Hall to see if anyone working for the city would be able to help her out.

Someone at City Hall suggested she contact the city’s Facebook page administered by Mayor Bill Edwards. When Sergeant Alex Wallace, along with 3,800 other Centerton citizens, read Mayor Edwards’ post, he called his buddy and co-worker, Sergeant Jonathon Easterling.

Centerton, AR officer on ladder hanging Christmas Lights

Photo: Facebook/Centerton Police Department

Sergeant Wallace told KFSM, I knew he [Sergeant Easterling] had a ladder that was readily available,” Wallace said. “[I] had him load up his ladder,  and I made sure it was okay with chief if we took about 20 minutes to go out and help this lady out.”

“She actually broke down and started tearing up and said that she spent all night up trying to figure out how she was going to get these Christmas lights up,” Wallace recounted. “I guess this is something that always been important to her in her life.”

Two Centerton Officers working together to hang Christmas lights
Photo: Facebook/Centerton Police Department

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