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Central Texas Blood Supply Low After Helping Biloxi Crash Victims

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We Are Blood, formally known as the Blood Center of Central Texas were able to send supplies to the victims of the Biloxi train and bus accident. Now, they’re asking Texans to visit one of their locations to donate blood so they can get back to a “comfortable” level of supplies.

KXAN writes that O donors, in particular, are needed. “O negative blood is the universal blood type, which means it can be transfused to any patient during an emergency. O positive blood type, on the other hand, is the most common blood type and is used at a higher rate by our Central Texas hospitals,” they explain.

We Are Blood posted to their Facebook page on Thursday, “Donors who come into any donor center or mobile drive between now and March 19th will be given a gift from Austin Gourmet Popcorn.” They’re doing whatever it takes to get their supply back at a level that will allow them to help others if something disastrous and unexpected like the Biloxi crash were to happen again in the region. Also, with SXSW taking place through the week, they worry about the influx of people who might need blood donations.

Check their Facebook page for updates on special donation locations.