See What Chad Prather Has to Say About Scary Clowns

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“Creepy” clowns are causing a sort of hysteria throughout the nation. From East coast to West coast, from North to South, there have been reports of clowns threatening people and loitering in the woods. Quite frankly, it is freaking people out. However, we live in Texas, and we just don’t take kindly to creepy behavior. Enter social media star Chad Prather.

Prather has something to say about anything and everything going on in current events, and in true Texas style, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Since scary clowns have gained the attention of virtually every news station around the country, Prather is quick to tell the world how we address these nuisances in Texas. His comical dissertation on our current clown frenzy explains why it’s not such a good idea to be a “creepy clown” in Texas.