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Check Out This Challenging, Sort of Spooky, Hike in El Paso

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Last week, KLAQ posted a fascinating video of a hike to the Tin Mines in El Paso. The video was taken by YouTuber John’s Adventures, who KLAQ explains is a rather adventurous man who takes his trusty canine companion with him to go the long way around into the Tin Mines, making for an interesting one-hour long clip!

John’s Adventures writes in the caption: “We started right past Sneed’s Cory on the West Side at the Tom May’s Unit Park in the Franklin Mountains. I could of went to the North East and started from there, but a challenge is always good. A great day, we saw lot’s of Spring Blooms, Desert Wildlife (Lizards Butterfly’s), a crashed dodge van, and even went inside the Tin Mines. Hiking back we had to go up and over the mountains again so it was quite a challenge. Overall a very interesting and fun day hiking.”

The video was uploaded a couple of years ago and has only reached about 5K views, but it’s well worth a watch even if you choose to skip around a bit. If you’re interested in fast-forwarding to the mine, check out about 45 minutes into the video. The mine is dark and spooky, but don’t worry, there’s nothing treacherous lurking in the cave! For those who don’t like to hike or who aren’t keen on tight spaces, this might be the only way to see this hidden Texas wonder.