San Antonio Bar Becomes First in Texas to Have a Champagne Vending Machine

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Paramour Bar along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas has a new addition to its ambiance – a vending machine that exclusively dispenses small, $20-bottles of Moët & Chandon Champagne.

“When you think about this vending machine, you think of Las Vegas and Hong Kong, which is where most of the vending machine business is. But our Champagne business has always been great, and our owner Martin (Phipps) saw it and wanted it,” bar manager Misael Gonzalez told MySA.com.

Earlier this year, The Thrillist wrote about the first champagne vending machine in the United States, (which is very appropriately located in Las Vegas.) Those staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel could obtain a tiny bottle of Imperial Brut and Imperial Rosé Champagne from the 23rd floor’s Sky Lobby. In order to use the machine, guests have to stop by the front desk for a special $20 coin, so one’s I.D. could be checked before allowing the purchase. (Paramour Bar patrons just have to visit the bar for the coin.)

“In case you’re wondering, the machine manages to dispense the bottles of champagne without shaking them. Perhaps best of all, each bottle comes with a flute so that you can start drinking without delay,” The Thrillist writes. The vending machine keeps the bottles at an ideal 38 degrees, and each bottle has enough for a glass and half.