Six Charming Small Towns to Explore in Fayette County, Texas

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The gentle, rolling hills of the Hill Country begin showing themselves in Fayette County. The county seat for Fayette County in Texas is La Grange. It’s a bustling small town of about ten thousand people, but if you want smaller, the county has other choices. The region is a retirement paradise filled with grassy knolls, the Colorado River, and a lake. Fayette county is about 61 miles from Austin, and 100 miles from Houston and sits on the eastern edge of the Texas Hill Country.


Six Charming Small Towns to Explore in Fayette County, Texas

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Fayetteville provides over 345 historic structures to see. This small town is one to visit and a sweet place to make home. In the last US census, about 260 people lived there. During the spring, you can travel the many nearby byways to see the splendid bluebonnets.


Industry is near Fayetteville, and if you’re in the area, don’t miss it. This small town has about 300 residents living in the vicinity. Industry bears the distinction of being the first permanent German settlement in Texas. Ellis Island wasn’t the only port of entry for people coming to America. The Galveston Port had its share of immigrants during the last two centuries. Some of these hearty Germans walked from Galveston to Fayette County to settle in the area.

Round Top

Six Charming Small Towns to Explore in Fayette County, Texas

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While you visit the small towns in Fayetteville County, you must not miss Round Top. The picturesque hills are tranquil. Fewer than 100 people were numbered in the last census. It’s under-populated, but a great town to see, or live in, for that matter. The town’s citizens are spread out across the countryside, but they come together to produce art and entertainment. The city hosts a famous antique show twice a year, and the shows attract thousands of visitors. There is a music institute to tour, and UT at Austin administers Shakespeare performances at the Winedale Barn. If you enjoy art of all kinds, Round Top is the town to explore.

West Point

Yes, that’s right, Texas has a West Point, but it’s not a military academy. The West Point in Texas sits in far western Fayette County. At one time in the town’s history, it had three hotels, but West Point’s population fell around the time of WWII. People began to migrate toward La Grange, the county seat of Fayetteville, Country. The land there is stunning.


Ellinger is another old, small town in Fayette, County. It is located near the Colorado River and Lake Fayette. Farm and ranch land are beautiful around these parts of Colorado County. The Hruska Store is a popular Czech bakery stop for trekkers traveling between Austin and Houston on Hwy 71. The shop has been family owned since 1912.


Six Charming Small Towns to Explore in Fayette County, Texas

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With about 300 people living here, Carmine is located at the north end of Fayette Country. The town is split by Hwy 290 that runs from Houston to Austin. Due to the popularity of the Round Top antique shows, Carmine is growing with eateries and attractions. In fact, during the two antique shows, one in October, and one in April, some of the antique kiosks stretch from Round Top all the way to Carmine—a distance of about six miles—every mile filled with antiques and treasures.