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South Texas’ Chapman Ranch Area Approved for 86 Wind Turbines

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The Federal Aviation Administration approved the building of 86 wind turbines in the Chapman Ranch area after 86 individual studies.

Air navigation obstruction was the central concern in erecting the wind turbines and after this comprehensive study done by the FAA, they have approved the installation of 86 turbines. The wind farm, as the Corpus Christi Caller Times reported, will be developed by Apex Clean Energy.

The landowners of Chapman Ranch are looking forward to the installation because it “means getting one step closer to supplementary income that would help continue farming operations on the land.” The comprehensive study, done per individual turbine, was held because local agencies were concerned over the effects of the farm regarding broadcast signals, area radar systems, or the military flight training sight land.

While this one hurdle conquered in developing the wind farm, there are still multiple hoops to jump through before construction can begin. The City Council “voted later [in 2014] to annex 16 square miles of Chapman Ranch in hopes that it would halt the project,” as earlier in 2014, they proposed a resolution opposing the wind farm.

The Corpus Christi International Airport plans to petition the FAA to further review its study and findings based on the cumulative impacts of wind farms from previous scenarios in other states.