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Charley Pride to Be First Living Recipient of This Prestigious Award

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Today, February 16th, Charley Pride will join Ray Price as an Ameripolitan Master Award recipient at the 3rd annual Ameripolitan Music Awards in Austin, Texas.

Ray Price received the Ameripolitan Master Award posthumously during its inaugural showing in 2014. Now, Charley Pride will follow in his footsteps and become the first living recipient of the award.

With hits like “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin”, “When I Stop Leavin’ (I’ll Be Gone)” and “You’re So Good When You’re Bad”, there’s no question that Pride truly deserves this award. Pride’s classic roots that have always led him down the road of honky-tonk make him a fixture in any classic country songbook.

The Ameripolitan Awards began in celebration of the country artists who “do not readily conform to the tastes of today’s “country” or other music genres and organizations.” It also praises itself on the fact that by holding these awards, it makes it easier for audiences to discover these musicians and performers.

The Ameripolitan divides country music into four distinct categories that are often left out of the mainstream: honky tonk, rockabilly, outlaw and western swing. From there, fans are able to cast their votes in the months leading up to the ceremony, and a winner is chosen.

Congratulations, Charley Pride!