Check Out This Handmade Texas Patio

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By Matt Alpert, Wide Open Country

If you think your yard displays Texas pride, one North Texas woman may have you beat. Kathy Mahoney-Richardson, of Witchita Falls, has this giant patio shaped like Texas out in her yard. Her brother, Tim Fick Mahoney, recently shared a photo of the Texas-sized lawn fixture on a popular Facebook page.

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Photo: Texas (Facebook)

Maloney-Richardson wrote that she started the lawn project in the Spring of 2014 and finished it last November. The yard fixture has sustained some severe weather, including heavy flooding. She outlined the shape of Texas with stones and then filled it in with handmade cobblestones. Mahoney-Richardson estimates 450 bags of Quickrete were used to make the Texas-sized lawn fixture. Can you think of a better place to have a Texas summer barbecue than this patio? Well, you may try the grill next to an enormous Texas-shaped pool.