This Ice Cream Shop Infuses Liquid Nitrogen with Cheese Puffs to Create ‘Dragon Breath’

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Inhale cheese puffs, exhale dragon’s breath. At an ice cream parlor called -321 Ice Cream in Brooklyn with (with additional locations coming to Manhattan and Queens) customers can satisfy their sweet and savory craving by digging into ice cream and a cup of cheese puffs. These unique puffs have a special kick – they’re infused with liquid nitrogen. When someone takes a bite, smoke cascades out of their mouth and nose, and it looks a lot like dragon breath.

In a viral video by the Food Network, viewers can see how much smoke billows out from the small puffs. They can also check out one of the top selling ice cream flavors by -321 Ice Cream, the Camp Fire Sundae. Of course, the flashiest aspect of -321 Ice Cream is the use of liquid nitrogen to also make their sweet treats. It’s said to make the dessert creamier and denser.

Though it may seem like it would be painful to consume something made with liquid nitrogen, a Circa blogger explains that this ice cream trend doesn’t hurt. “The nitrogen is totally safe to consume. By mixing/stirring it, the gas evaporates away, so you won’t hurt your mouth when you eat it,” she writes. There’s no word on how the cheese puffs feel, but people who’ve recorded videos for social media seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.