How Cheesy is the Sauce for the “Cheesiest Mac and Cheese” in This Version by Eater?

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We’ve brought you details on great places in Austin that feature top-of-the-line macaroni and cheese. However, to make it on your own generally means you have a recipe that you already know wins out over any other (in your mind at least), and you’re willing to put in the time to ensure that it’s the best it can possibly be. Although many Texas Hill Country food haunts have some phenomenal dishes of this creamy comfort food, the good folks at Eater have won our hearts (eyes, taste buds, and stomachs, for that matter) with a video showing how to make “…The Cheesiest Mac and Cheese You’ve Ever Had!” And it’s amazing!

In this episode of “You Can Do This,” Eater’s host (Cliff) walks viewers through the difference between a new version of mac and cheese and an old version. He experiments with sodium citrate in an effort to reduce the amount of milk required for the dish (which he believes diminishes the cheesiness of it).

Cliff walks viewers through each of the steps to making the traditional mac and cheese. This version requires three cups of milk. The difference for the second version is simply the reduction in milk with the use of sodium citrate. By taking the fat with which you’re cooking and making it soluble, you’ll produce a creamy cheese sauce (which requires a little bit more work than simply using a whisk) as compared to the traditional version. See the differences (which you can practically taste) in the video above! What do you think? Where are your go-to places for mac and cheese in Texas…or is it your own home recipe that you love the best?