Does This Chef Make Texas Beef Chili the Right Way?

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In the North, they don’t really have the best options for barbecue. However, John Stage of the tri-state area’s Dinosaur BBQ details how to make Texas beef chili with cornbread.

Texas beef chili is what my grandmother would call “stick to your ribs’ food,” meaning you eat one bowl, and it’ll last you for a few days, at least. This kind of food is common in the wintertime, but also great for using up any ingredients in your pantry.

Stage throws the bacon in the pot and starts cutting up the thick pieces of beef. The most important part of chopping up the pieces is to really be sure they are as evenly cut as they can be. Different sizes cook through at different times, but you want uniformity in your chili.

Also, be generous with the seasonings on your meat. Before you cook it, this is really the only opportunity you have to season the meat itself.

He does know that the chuck needs to cook low and slow, just like any true Texas meat dish. Watch the video below and let us know if you agree with the way Stage goes about making beloved Texas beef chili. Oh, and did we mention that cornbread covered in honey? Divine.