Chick-Fil-A Food Truck: A Texas First

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With more Chick-Fil-A restaurants than any other city, Houston is soon set to be the site of the first ever Chick-Fil-A food truck. Scheduled for opening on December 15, according to franchisee Jesse Chaluh, the only red tape is determining where in Houston the truck can actually go.

Safety First

Chick-Fil-A Food Truck a Texas First

Photo: Flickr/Mike Mozart

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Chaluh said, “We worked with a food truck manufacturer who understands our rigorous food safety and quality standards. In fact, we’re in the process of going through safety and health inspections now.”

Then Comes the Good Part!

Chick-Fil-A Food Truck a Texas First

Photo: Flickr/Chris Harrison

The food truck menu will be limited in comparison to the standard Chick-Fil-A offering but won’t disappoint on fan favorites. A couple of cold entrée items, waffle fries, the Original Chicken Sandwich and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich are said to be soon available. For beverages, you can trust that the lemonade and Chick-Fil-A’s famous sweet and unsweetened tea will always be on tap! Houston, we have lift-off, ‘er take-off…whatever. Houston, we have a Chick-Fil-A food-truck!