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Beloved Texas Chicken Named Big Mama Given a Lengthy Obituary

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According to MyPetChicken.com, Rhode Island Red Chickens are “making a comeback” as a popular breed for small flock owners to have. “They’re the do-everything bird: they lay exceptionally well, they’re valued for their meat, they’re extremely cold hardy, and hardy in general,” the website reads. But for the Sword family, their Rhode Island Red named Big Mama was so much more than just a bird.

The Eagle writes that the Swords recently laid Big Mama to rest, and since she was such a special part of the family, they wrote a heartfelt obituary in her honor that was published in the College Station newspaper. The Swords adopted Big Mama when her previous owners (who kept her inside as a “house chicken”) decided they were tired of her. It took a while before she adjusted to becoming part of the flock, but for the Swords, the chicken’s journey was amazing to witness.

Big Mama’s obituary has touched the hearts of many Texans who have deeply loved a pet, no matter how unconventional they may be. One man even took to YouTube to record a folk song ode to the late chicken. Check out Colby Pelzel’s tribute song, and read the full obituary in a tweet from The Eagle below.