Chicken Playing a Sonata is Actually Pretty Good [VIDEO]

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This unusual video is a GoPro Award Winner, and it is easy to see why once viewers are treated to an up close and personal shot of a chicken improvising a surprisingly beautiful sonata.

According to GoPro’s YouTube page, the odd video was created by Igorrr, a talented multi-instrumentalist who allowed his chicken named Patrick to take center stage in a musical experiment.” The musical timing from Patrick’s emotionally charged pecking sonata has not been altered or changed. Igorrr has only provided the backing accompaniment,” GoPro explained about the charming video.

The chicken was moved to compose the sonata due to the seeds lining the keys, but it’s still amazing how musically appealing the outcome of Patrick’s pecking sounds. Though, this wasn’t the first time that Igorrr worked with piano-playing chickens. An uploaded video from 2014 shows a few hungry chickens playing along with Igorrr’s accompaniment in the background.

Yet, something about Patrick the Chicken’s sonata rings a bit more refined and interesting to the ear than the 2014 collaborative work. Who knew that songs composed by chickens could be so interesting?