Child Left Alone in Houston Airport Despite Having Airline Escort

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Dana and Adam Dunn were nervous about letting their 12-year-old daughter fly alone from Des Moines, Iowa to Houston, Texas around the holidays. They decided it was best to pay an extra $300 to ensure that an airline employee would guide their child and not leave her alone in the massive George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Unfortunately, the Dunns say that United Airlines let them down. reported that Dana took to Facebook after the debacle to tell her story. She wrote that the assigned United employee walked off and left her daughter alone in a hallway. The young girl’s grandmother happened to be nearby and found her waiting by herself. “She said ‘grandma I’m so happy to see you! I’ve been here for 15 minutes,” the grandmother told Click2Houston.

Dana Dunn called United immediately to see what was going on. “I sat on hold with them for 30 minutes and they said, ‘We’re calling customer service to see if we can find her’ and I said ‘I know where she is, but you guys don’t and that’s a problem,’” she told the news.

United Airlines says they are currently looking into the situation.