Mutton Bustin’ Competition Open to Children at Houston Rodeo

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The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo holds one particularly odd event that only a very limited number of people can participate in. It’s called “Mutton Bustin'” and only five- or six-year-olds under 55 pounds can take part.

The thrill-seeking youngsters are placed on a sheep while wearing a helmet and chest padding. They hold on as well as they can while the perplexed sheep tries to run them off. There’s no word on how the sheep feel about all of this.

According to ABC 13, kids will be chosen to ride in the main arena for the highly anticipated event, or they can sign up for $15 on a first come, first serve basis at the “Mutton Bustin’ arena in Kids Country.” The Houston Rodeo website has a full list of rules along with registration forms (due by December 11th) and information on how to obtain a DVD of the event here.

In case you were wondering, “mutton” refers to the older meat of a sheep that’s typically deemed not as tasty as lamb (according to About Food), while “bustin'” means to break, or in this case, maybe it means “hold on for dear life.”

The Mutton Bustin’ 2014 Event at the Houston Rodeo can be seen in the video below.