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Texas Has Largest Number of Child Deaths in Hot Cars in U.S.

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It’s a terrible fact that Texas has the leading number of child deaths in hot cars in the country. Sixteen children have already passed this year, which is double the number reported from this time last year.

With a disturbing average of 37 children deaths resulting from overheating in cars across country, education is key to help solve the issue. Kids’ bodies heat up three to five times faster than adults’. Just sitting in the car with the windows up and air turned off for a few minutes can have any adult sweating profusely.

Firefighters often respond to the scene where they must break windows, attempt to resuscitate the child, cool off their body and get oxygen to their lungs.

KHOU reported insightful but painful words to remember from Chief Charles Hood of the San Antonio Fire Department: “If this tragedy happens, it’s going to destroy your family. A lot of times we’re able to resuscitate the child and get their heart started, but their brain has suffered some sort of irreversible damage that is going to impede them for the rest of their lives.”

Experts recommend putting something in the backseat that you must grab when you leave the vehicle to remind you a child is present. Let’s hope the national and local statistics are significantly lower next year.