Chip Gaines’ New Year’s ‘Revelation’ is Perfect

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The enormously popular Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper” might be television’s most loved, highly functional celebrity couple. However, the duo found themselves under the spotlight of some media outlets after a lawsuit was filed against the couple in Waco, followed by a critical article questioning their personal beliefs was published by BuzzFeed. Eventually, the stories’ headlines became national news on major networks like Fox News and the Huffington Post.

gainesPhoto: Facebook/MagnoliaMarket

All the while the Gaines family quietly went about their business, leaving social media and television personalities to argue on their behalf. Recently, the demo-happy Chip Gaines wrote a short post on their blog, which many are calling his response to last year’s critics, and frankly it’s just what you would expect from the Gaines family.

In his January 2 post, the normally quirky, Chip Gaines, took a serious note while discussing his family’s New Year’s Resolution “Revelation.” He never specifically mentions any of his critics by name, but briefly alludes to “disagreements,” and refusing to be “baited” into the sound bite driven “judgment, fear and even hatred” our world currently finds itself tangled up in. Taking the higher road, Gaines decided, instead, to offer some constructive advice for the betterment of society. His advice is candid, simple, and just the right “revelation” for pretty much everyone’s new year.

Photo: Facebook/MagnoliaMarket

Chip implores us all to be loving, “we have got to learn to engage people who are different from us with dignity and with love.” He continues by telling his readers that they care about each of them simply because they are “people,” with no consideration of politics, lifestyle, or faith.

While refusing to wallow in the mud, Gaines continued his post by saying in 2017 they have “decided to change the conversation.” The article continues by acknowledging that each person has a unique “call on our lives.” Chip’s message was both encouraging and inspirational as he discussed the need to unify by loving instead of fearing our differences. He ended by saying if the world can learn to lovingly disagree, “this could be the greatest renovation story of all time. Who’s ready to get to work.”

In a world where our celebrity driven lives often center on a short post, tweet or video the Gaines’, despite their critics, once again show us why they are so much fun to watch. Read the entire post here.