Chocolate Mocha Buckwheat Cake: Gluten Free & Deliciously Decadent

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Taken from a gluten-free online cookbook, this recipe is moist and delicious, and it makes a wonderful cake which is both sweet and gooey, not to mention amazingly chocolatey. The creator added coffee and whiskey to the mixture, ensuring it would be a richer version than most, as well as a delightful dessert to try at a future dinner party.

Once you’ve made it, and you’re ready to serve, this can pair well with whipped cream and can be decorated with a light cocoa powder dusting, making a simple delight seem irresistibly fancy. The use of a great Texas whiskey would, of course, be the crowning glory to this recipe, however, the original recipe post hasn’t specified that this needs to be the case. But, our local distillers make some great product – some of which we may already have on hand!

Shared by Stasty, this is moist, chocolate perfection and losing the recipe would be an utter tragedy. So, bookmark the site, pin it, or add it to your favorites, because you’re definitely going to want to keep this in your cooking repertoire for those in your family or circle of friends who have a sensitivity to gluten.

Chocolate Mocha Buckwheat Cake

Chocolate Mocha Buckwheat Cake


Key ingredients for this recipe include:




Almond meal



For the all of the directions and the full recipe, visit Stasty, and give your friends with gluten sensitivity something that they can drool over and dream on!