How Much of This Huge Chocolate Shake in Dallas Could You Eat?

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“Freakshake from Creme de la Cookie. Can you even,” the Dallas Observer posted on Facebook alongside a photo of a ridiculously decadent chocolate dessert that would make any chocolate lover step back and say “whoa.” The post accumulated 225 shares and over 340 comments. Many people shook their heads at the idea of eating such a massive dessert. “That’s a sugar crash waiting to happen. Gross,” Michelle Austin wrote. While others know a beautiful sight when they see it. “This shake is my soulmate,” Toni Youngblood said.

Maybe something called a “freakshake” doesn’t immediately strike your fancy, but Creme de la Cookie founder Toni Rivard knows how to make a mean milkshake and “freakshakes” are her take on the over-the-top “monster” milkshake trend. According to the Dallas Observer, Rivard was inspired after a trip to NYC to create her own line of shakes that include cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, and other items she makes shooting out of the top of the glass.

“For $12, you can take your pick of five variations, such as the Stress Eater (including a red velvet cake ball, waffle cone and Mustang glazed doughnut) and the Unicorn Freak (with a macaroon skewer and a cotton candy-sprinkle rim),” the news explains. Stop by Crème de la Cookie from Wednesday to Saturdays from noon to 6:00 p.m. to try these shakes. (The time available may be stretched out depending on interest.)