Chris Stapleton Performs Soulful ‘Waltz Across Texas’

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Tony Maples Photography


With a bit of a nostalgic view, Ram Trucks and the maker of this video have included Chris Stapleton’s soulful version of “Waltz Across Texas” as the soundtrack for what you’ll see as a working man, making a trip across the state. The video itself pays tribute to familiar scenery and images that Texans and Tex-pats will recognize and enjoy seeing, while the song slowly winds its way through, in three-quarter time.

Recorded exclusively for Ram, the video is a Texas-sized tribute to a great state-wide road trip. Accompanied by Stapleton’s version of the classic song, it becomes nostalgic and pays homage to the broad expanse that is many a fan’s home state. The video and song, seen and heard here, is available on the Ram Trucks YouTube channel.

As Stapleton’s voice and talent lend a type of emotion to the song, the visual queues weave their way into the listener’s psyche, drumming up memories and likenesses of times and trips gone by mixed with perhaps a little bit of state pride. “Waltz Across Texas” is an unforgettable song at any time, let alone hearing and feeling that which a singer such as Stapleton can develop while vocalizing it. It’s a version for the record books.