Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips for the Scissor-and-Tape-Challenged

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Tony Maples Photography


You may have made your list, checked it twice, and actually got your shopping done before a pre-set deadline on your own calendar. But the last thing we’re guessing you didn’t think about was the gift wrapping. Are you a pro? Perhaps you’ve built up some side income from helping others in your family ensure their gifts are just-so. If not, you’ll want to take a few pointers from some gift wrapping experts.

The reality is that not every great gift is going to come in its own perfectly square box. As a result, you’re going to have some challenges (remember that time you bought Uncle Willy the Texas Longhorns coatrack?) Or how about those of us who have the right package, but think we don’t have enough of the perfect paper? (Is there really a wrong way to wrap a Whatachick’n Sandwich meal?) Believe it or not, there are online tutorials for just such instances. With a few tips and tricks, we’re guessing even the most gift wrapping-challenged among us can give gifts that are perfectly prettied-up, to say Merry Christmas to those we love in the best ways possible.

Some people would argue that regardless of how the gift looks, it’s the thought that counts. And those people would be correct. However, for those who feel they’re honoring their loved ones in a special way, and don’t want the thought to look like it came from the heart but was wrapped by the family dog, there’s something to be said for these tips. Shared on the But First, Coffee YouTube channel, this gift wrapping video tutorial has been viewed by more than 14 million people. We’d like to think it’s out of curiosity, but the fact of the matter is that many people line up at shopping mall kiosks for just such a service, because even the simplest of packages can sometimes look lumpy when all is said and done. If you’re concerned about making the gift a work of art to ensure that the person receiving it knows you put far more thought into it than simply running to the store, you’re not alone. Gift wrapping paper can be simple or intricate, but some will argue that the aesthetics count as well. If your wrapping could use a couple holiday hacks, you’re not alone. We get it, and we hope this video gets you the tips you’re looking for!