Reported Possible ‘Chupacabra’ Sighting in Arizona

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Last Sunday, Bradley Kreis of Sun City, Arizona posted photos of a creature on his Facebook page that people are noting as a possible “chupacabra sighting.”

According to, the word “chupacabra” comes from the Spanish words for “goat” and “suck.” These words refer to what the urban legend says the creature does, sucks sheep’s (or other barnyard animal’s) blood. goes on to say that, “The chupacabra, if you believe in such things, has been around for decades, but there were a marked uptick in attacks attributed to the creature in the ’90s. The first chupacabra sightings and attacks were reported in Latin America, which it why it’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Bigfoot of Latino Culture,’ but there have been incidents in the U.S., too, including right here in Arizona.”

Tales of chupacabras are so widespread that even Animal Planet has made shows about possible sightings!

While the theories of the urban legend coming to life can be sort of fun and exciting, this particular Facebook post from Arizona really appears to be a coyote or dog who is ill with mange or another disease. Hopefully, the animal/chupacabra can find some relief from the Texas sun and whatever is ailing it!