This Old Texas Church is Now Home to the Wrong Store, and It’s All Right

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Deep in the heart of West Texas is the town of Marfa. Its history is a fascinating one filled with more than the usual amount of mystery and allure that a Lone Star State town can boast. To say that it reinvented itself to become what it is today would be an understatement. This unique, artsy metropolis of approximately 2,000 people has undergone a change that supports the mild-mannered art lover and welcomes people to visit its many installations and galleries that foster their love. Such is the case with The Wrong Store, a gallery comprised of all the right things.

This peculiar shop and gallery is located inside a former church. Its exterior lends no hints as to what can be found inside—an artsy shop filled with an eclectic mix of high-end art pieces, small trinkets, and the fancies of any modest, self-affirmed art aficionado. The fact that you could easily mistake it for the church that it appears to be simply adds to its mystique and appeal.

This Old Texas Church is Now Home to the Wrong Store, and It's All Right

Photo: Facebook/Marfa Myths

Owned and managed by Buck Johnston and Camp Bosworth, the Wrong Store features the truly unexpected items one often hears of others finding but never comes across themselves. Well, now you can. All of its inventory is locally-sourced, including wooden pieces by Camp, all of which is showcased in the minimalist-looking white cathedral that truly makes you feel welcome.

This Old Texas Church is Now Home to the Wrong Store, and It's All Right

Photo: Instagram/theroamingroccos

A visit to this sun-drenched town, perhaps on a mission to spot the Marfa mystery lights, needs to include a stop at this store. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll come across something ornately hand-carved and almost delectable. However, be prepared. Their security system is as unique as their store, which includes a pet coyote in addition to a golden camera to keep a watchful eye! Those looking to include this gallery and shop on their West Texas road trip tour can find more information on the store’s website and blog. You can also follow them on Facebook, where added details can be found on their works of art and special events.