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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Texas Hill Country!

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With vibrant and colorful festivals, profuse amounts of celebration, and the best in Latin-American and Tejano music, Cinco de Mayo (aka the 5th of May) is an historic moment that does not go un-noted in the Texas Hill Country – in particular, the cities of Austin and San Antonio, where combined, over 34% of the population self-identifies as having Latino or Hispanic ancestry.

The History



Cinco de Mayo is observed in commemoration of the Mexican army’s unexpected victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). Over the course of time, this date and its various forms of recognition have evolved to become a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture, including parades, street fairs, festivals and more.

Celebrating in Austin



Austin’s Cinco de Mayo Festival has become an annual 2-day outdoor party taking place in the stunning backdrop of Fiesta Gardens. This well-known and well-attended event features a variety of Tejano music and bands, coupled with authentic Mexican as well as Mexican-American cuisine. Guests are invited to bring their lawn chairs to this all-ages celebration to relax in between sampling all of the great food and getting up to dance the day away!

Celebrating in Kyle



For those a little further south of Austin, the Hays Fiesta is being held in Kyle at the Central Texas Speedway on Saturday, May 7. This festival includes great music and food, dancing, fashion, art displays and much more. Serving the Latino and Hispanic youth through the celebration and preservation of heritage, proceeds from the Hays Fiesta benefit not only the continuity of the event itself, but also Hays Mariachi Scholarships as well as other worthwhile community programs. This year features performances by Mariachi groups traditional dancers and Tejano bands, as well as games and prizes and fun things for the kids!

Celebrating in San Antonio



Continuing on into San Antonio, lively Market Square at 514 W Commerce St. holds it’s annual Cinco de Mayo festival attracting close to 50,000 people each year! A colorful, fun and charming place to visit, at festival time, there’s live music, performances and of course the continued great food (and then some!) that you know and love. Arts and crafts as well as various memorabilia vendors will also be on hand, making this a fantastic place for the whole family!

Enjoying All That Cinco de Mayo Offers and Stands For!



Whether you and your friends/family are in Austin, Kyle, or San Antonio for any one of these events, or you find yourself celebrating at a block party, house party or drinking establishment, we hope you enjoy all that is the history, modern-day celebration and true commemoration of Cinco de Mayo in the Texas Hill Country!