Citizens Thank the ‘Thin Blue Line’

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In today’s environment of anti-law enforcement, officers sometimes get frustrated. Every day they put their lives on the line to keep the people of their towns safe. A difficult job on a good day when it feels like the world has turned against you, the job becomes much harder and sometimes feels thankless.

That’s why in these days with all the attacks on law enforcement by the public, it’s wonderful to see citizens stepping up and supporting the “Thin Blue Line.”

After attending the funeral of a fellow brother in blue, a Jourdanton Police Officer sat down at a local restaurant to eat lunch. His somber mood lifted when an unknown citizen approached and handed him a card.

The front of the card read “Thank You for Standing Between Us and the Criminals” and is signed “A Citizen”. The back of the card carried the following inscription “I pray that you feel safe and appreciated and that you are blessed in everything that you do. We love you and are praying for you…”

Thank You Card Thin Blue Line

Photo: Facebook/Jourdanton Police Dept.

This person did not sign the card nor offer the officer their name. Jourdanton Police Department wants to let this person and all of those who back the “Thin Blue Line” that their support is greatly appreciated.