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Classic Arcade Space Open in Spring, Texas Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

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Celebrating its 5th Anniversary is a throwback to some old classic arcade games we all grew up with available for a $15 day pass of unlimited play at The Game Preserve in Spring, Texas.

It’s a concept that is the brainchild of “five serious arcade game collectors joining forces to create a rotating display of fun from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,” shares an article by Pac-man, Donkey Kong Jr, Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, are just some of the back to the future games you can come and relive fun time memories you did as a kid growing up.

Like stepping back in time, the old familiar tunes and music of these arcade games take you on a journey that you can now relive with your kids as you show them how to become a pro at chasing that Pac-Man down those endless rows as you avoid those ghosts chasing you down.

A classic array of video games lined up and ready for the taking at “one of the few remaining “True” classic arcades in the country, right here in the North Houston area,” shares its website. “Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all types of coin-operated games and machines,” shares its Facebook page, all for a $15 day pass, a monthly membership of $35 per person, or $70 for an entire family. All games are set to free play.

Not only can you sign up for a membership, you can also host parties and corporate events, and there are even monthly tournaments to show off those skills you mastered long ago. “The 6,500 square foot venue also projects old MTV videos on their walls and plays favorite hits from the 1980’s on their classic jukebox,” shared

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