Clear Lake Residents Received Parking Tickets in Their Driveways

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Some Clear Lake residents have a bone to pick with ParkHouston, the City of Houston’s Parking Management Division. ABC 13 reports that since October, they’ve given out about 1,700 tickets for blocking sidewalks throughout the city, but people living in the Camino South neighborhood feel like they’re received more than their fair share of the citations.

John Harris told the news, “I’ve received two in the last six months,” and six others in the neighborhood have received a ticket as well since the beginning of the month. They feel as if they’re being targeted for easy tickets while they’re struggling with not having enough room for multiple vehicles in their driveways.

Janis Clouette said, “I think they need to give us a break. We’re hard-working people. This NASA area has been hit hard by the oil and the problems NASA has had. People are struggling out here…” But ParkHouston officials say they must promote keeping the sidewalks clear for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

A similar issue came up in October 2013. The Houston Chronicle wrote that the HPD gave people tickets for parking in the sidewalk along a street where not even one car could fully fit between the garage and the sidewalk. In this case, it was found that the sidewalks were actually on private property, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Clear Lake.