‘From Work to Wine’ with Eva Longoria Baston

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Actress, producer, director, philanthropist and now a designer with an eye for style and flair, Eva Longoria Baston was in Houston on Friday, September 9 unveiling her new collection with The Limited in the Galleria. Having always wanted to create a clothing line, Eva Longoria’s passion comes through beautifully in what she calls her “Work to Wine” collection.

The Main Event

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Photo: Sonia Ramirez

Fans wrapped around the store to catch a glimpse of Eva and shop till they dropped for the perfect Eva inspired outfit to add to their wardrobe. Guests who signed up for the private event were treated with wine and hors d’oeuvres while they awaited Ms. Longoria Baston to step out and greet the crowd.

Having been a long time dream, this collection is a reflection of every day Eva and her favorite styles. “I think if a woman is comfortable in what she is wearing, she’s going to feel empowered and walk with the confidence of a girl from the runway,” states Longoria Baston.

From Work to Wine Collection

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Photo: Sonia Ramirez

“Not many people know I can sew,” shared Eva with the crowd, but this collection is definitely a hands-on collaboration with The Limited. Full of vibrant colors, amazing patterns, and textures that feel soft to the touch.

She wanted to create a line of clothes where you could go from work to dine and play and that’s exactly what you will find among the variety of styles in blouses, jeans, t-shirts, and dresses ready for that “Work to Wine” inspiration.

You could see the excitement in the women shopping for that perfect outfit as they tried on their favorite pieces. Some were even treated to a style session with Longoria Baston herself.

The Partnership

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Photo: Sonia Ramirez

The exclusive “From Work to Wine” collection is a collaboration with The Limited. Longoria Baston shares in a video for The Limited that she was waiting for the perfect opportunity and partnership to launch her collection.

“We care about you, we care about your style, we care about how you look head to toe,” shared Jenn McClain a spokesperson for The Limited with the crowd. “Last November we had the privilege to sit with Eva Longoria and her passion–her commitment to this line is beyond amazing, and we knew the partner we wanted to have.”

A match made in heaven so to speak and a collection that will inspire you to go out and conquer your world with that perfect power suit or casual t-shirt with the slogan that might say “I Get Better with Wine,” which I saw many women wearing proudly. “ I really love a t-shirt that has a statement, a literal statement on it,” says Longoria Baston.

So go check out Eva’s new collection and pick up a piece or two. Then make sure to share how you wear your Eva Longoria collection with #EvaForTheLimited!