Man Discovers Unpleasant Surprise Hiding in His Shoe

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A new YouTube video shows a small cobra in a very unlikely and unsettling place – a man’s shoe! The recently posted video of the surprise encounter already has over 514K views, and some comments say the snake is creepy while others find it rather cute.

According to, there are 28 types of cobras, 13 of which are very deadly. Their website states, “Most cobras are shy, and will usually run and hide when people are around.”

That fact makes them seem rather docile, but add in this information, and the tiny cobra looks less adorable: “Cobras are the only snake in the world that can spit their venom, and they are accurate up to about half their own length!”

YouTube user Bezzati who posted the video cheekily wrote, “Before wearing shoe in rainy season, Check twice before putting your feet in the shoe. Their might be something lethal waiting for u.”

Some people will have a sense of humor when watching the video of the tiny yet mighty little snake, but others will have the heebie-jeebies when they spot a pair of closed toed shoes for a while! We might stick to sandals for the rest of the summer.