Is Cody Johnson Future Texas Country Music Royalty?

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Cody Johnson has seen skyrocketing success in 2019. Hailing from Huntsville, Texas, he’s achieved a level of country music fame many seek but few can fully grasp. Yet, he maintains his character and sense of self, which endeared him to his fan base in the first place.

His newest album, “Ain’t Nothin’ to It,” was released in January and graced the country charts with such singles as “On My Way to You.” He’s played for shows that are continually sold-out and crowds that swell with enthusiasm. He played for 73K fans during his RodeoHouston performance in March and continues to tour and play the type of music he’s become known for. He has 22 performances booked throughout September and October, and on into early November before he returns to Texas for shows in Dallas and Beaumont. If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, there’s still time, but you’d better hurry if prior sales are any indication!

Video: YouTube/Cody Johnson

Shared on the official Cody Johnson YouTube channel, the song “Nothin’ on You” is track number six on the “Ain’t Nothin’ to It” album. Johnson has spent over 10 years playing for and building his fan base with music such as this. Also known as CoJo Nation, his devoted followers love the quality and nature of the body of work this artist produces. In the fall of 2018, he signed with Warner Music Nashville, and since then, he’s witnessed a boom in his career like never before. He continues on his path as a humble Texas singer, however, determined to stay his course despite widespread fame and recognition. “I think that’s where a lot of people’s downfall comes in,” he told “You start to listen to that voice that says, ‘Everybody’s in love with you,’ and it’s where you can feed your ego a little bit. But look, I’ve made a pretty decent living and been in the public eye up to this point, just not to this magnitude. So I just remind myself that I am who I am. If I lost all this, it doesn’t define me. I’m not going to go home and cry about how I don’t have my music career anymore. My priorities are straight: my wife and my kids.” In the meantime, the accolades keep coming, as Johnson was recently nominated for a Country Music Association (CMA) award, announced this past week, in the category of New Artist of the Year.