New Study Says Coffee Might Help to Keep You Feeling Young

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ABC 13 writes that a recent study is perking up coffee drinkers. Scientists used blood samples from one hundred participants to discover that older coffee drinkers showed much fewer markers of inflammation in their bodies. Problems with inflammation coincide with “hypertension, joint disorders, and heart problems,” all issues that increase with age and leave people feeling not so young and energetic.

The study, which Medical Daily says took place at Stanford University, was led in part by Mark Davis. Davis notes that caffeine intake is “associated with longevity,” but it was still a surprise to learn that “something many people drink — and like to drink — might have a direct benefit.”

A previous study in 2015 also suggested that coffee could lower inflammation and even the risk of diabetes. Those who drank 1.5 cups a day showed a reduced inclination toward diabetes and had “lower amyloid levels,” which is what doctors look to for signs of inflammation issues.

Overall, both of the studies suggest that those who like to drink a cup of coffee every morning might unknowingly be keeping themselves feeling more youthful without the pain of inflammation, so keep filling up your mug if you like your cup of joe!