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Over 200,000 People Live in ‘Coffin Cubicles’ in Hong Kong

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If you’re feeling cramped in your living space, take a look at these harrowing photos of ‘coffin cubicles’ in Hong Kong to gain perspective. National Geographic writes that around 200,000 people (including 40,000 children) must live in these dwellings due to overcrowding. The spaces are illegally subdivided, but people who are desperate and have been pushed out of their homes due to the rising costs of renting must live somewhere. The ‘coffin cubicles’ are around 15 – 100 square feet.

Though cute tiny homes might be a trend, these living conditions in Hong Kong are heartbreaking. “To create the coffin cubicles a 400 square flat will be illegally divided by its owner to accommodate 20 double-decker beds, each costing about HK$2000 (over $250 USD) per month in rent. The space is too small to stand up in,” National Geographic writes.

The Guardian presented a gallery of photos by photographer Benny Lam which are being spread across the internet. The pictures will be used to fight for better living conditions for the people who have been displaced into the small spaces.

Why do so many of us still take so much privileges for granted that we haven’t even worked hard for, whilst others have to live in such a way , whilst trying so hard! I only came across this story via snapchat… why? We need to open our eyes up. Considering this is a country/ capital that lines its streets with bright lights and shops of “riches” . These people are not nobodies. They serve us food, they make our luxuries. These “homes” are not only illegal but expensive for the privilege . Equality is well and truly gone. Will it ever rise to an equal standing again in a world that is full of greed and power ……. #coffincubicles #hongkong #theworld

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