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Coke Zero is Undergoing a Rebrand as Coke Zero Sugar With New Formula

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On Wednesday, the Coca-Cola Company announced on their website that “Coke Zero is getting a new name, new look and even more delicious taste.” They’re trying to give the zero-sugar option a boost by changing up its packaging and editing its formula to convince even more people who enjoy regular Coke to try a sugarless drink. And, customers will know by the name alone doesn’t have any sugar added – Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Of course, the Coca-Cola Company posted about their decision on their Facebook page, and people had a lot to say about the subject. Many were wondering what the artificial sweetener used in the product would be. Coca-Cola replied to explain that the sweeteners, “aspartame and acesulfame K,” are the same as what was used in Coke Zero, but the formula change should make it taste more like regular Coke.

Cindy Throgmorton isn’t looking forward to the rebrand. “Funny that they keep Diet Coke which is gross, and Coke Zero, which is the best diet drink ever, they change. Coke Zero is really refreshing, in fact just perfect. Not a happy camper. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why didn’t they change Diet Coke instead, it’s not very good,” she wrote.