Colder Than Normal Winter for Texas, Predicts Farmers Almanac

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Tired of the heat? The newest Farmers Almanac has been released, and it’s predicting a colder than normal winter for the state of Texas. The information was recently released to the public and calls for a cold holiday season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Predicting the next year’s worth of weather, the publication calls for above average precipitation and colder than average temperatures. The coldest stretches are forecast to be from late November into early December, late December into early January, as well as early February. It also calls for above normal snowfall for Texas, but how far south and east the snow can make it remains to be seen. The highest chances for wintry precipitation will be from late December through February.

Looking into Spring 2018, continued cooler than average temperatures and above normal precipitation are forecast for March, April, and May.

A Threat for Severe Weather 

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Summer 2018 is also expected to be cooler than normal, but us Texans know that it will still be pretty darn hot by the average person’s standards.

Fall 2018 could see warmer than average and wetter than normal months. According to Farmers Almanac, the Gulf heating up with the possibility of hurricane and tropical storm threats in August and September. Of course, that is peak hurricane season, so that one could expect a chance of a tropical system then. We wouldn’t start hanging up the plywood just yet.

Authors note: This is not a forecast and is for entertainment purposes only. For official information, please refer to your local National Weather Service office.

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