Collector Makes Cowboys Museum in His Home

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During their home remodel this year, Stoney and Diana Kersh decided to make room for their favorite team – the Dallas Cowboys. This devoted couple now have what they lovingly call the “Cowboys Museum” in their Arlington abode.

Stoney started collecting Cowboys memorabilia from an early age after he became a big fan at 4-years-old. Luckily, Diana shares in his love for the home team, so she’s proud to have the interesting items lining the walls of her house as well.

WFAA listed some of Stoney’s best pieces. Among the most impressive are the “talking Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman dolls,” “hand-painted Cowboys logo on the den floor,” and even “a train set surrounding a hand-built model of AT&T Stadium complete with a tiny Tom Landry statue in its rightful place on the northeast side.” Some other large pieces of memorabilia reside outside of the home, such as “his Cowboys decorated pickup truck, his Pontiac Firebird, his customized Dallas Cowboys van, and his star-laden motorcycle.”

CBS Sports says that the couple welcomes fans into their house to take a look at all of their incredible merchandise. Their museum really has to be seen to be believed, so click here to see a video tour.