College Students Shocked to Find $40K in Old Couch

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address tells the unlikely story of college roommates Reese, Cally, and Lara finding a fortune stuffed inside of their old couch. The students found the couch at their local Salvation Army for $20. They took the furniture home, sat on it for three months, and then finally noticed that something was rather lumpy inside the cushions.

In a video, Reese told AP that he simply flipped the cushion on the arm of the couch up and unzipped it to find a bundle of cash. At first, they uncovered $4,000, but Reese insisted they investigate the couch further. In doing so, they found $40,000!

The photos they took of the discovery show their faces looking wide-eyed in absolute disbelief. It’s not every day that someone sees that much money, let alone find it in their old living room furniture. But the students felt that it wasn’t right to keep all of the cash.

Once they found a name on one of the envelopes, they tracked down the owner of the money – an elderly widow whose husband had hidden the cash. Her daughter had sold the couch without knowing what was stashed inside. The elder woman gave them $1000 as a reward.