Heading to College: Tips for Your To-Do List

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Whether you’re stepping out your parents’ door for the first time to enter the hallowed halls of your future college or you’re sliding into a new semester as a seasoned college junior, now is the time to take stock of all you need to be ready for the new school year. Surprisingly, not many items on this list will include things that will fit in your suitcase.

Starting a new path or reconfirming your desires toward your future profession both require equal helpings of textbooks, study groups, and self-reflection.

Review Your Goals and Set New Ones

Starting off to school means many changes, here's a few tips on keeping the process easy.


It doesn’t matter if  you are starting at year one or year four, it is never too late to review your skill set that you currently have and determine what skills you would like to add to the list. The skills you have will correspond to those on your resume after graduation when you are searching for a job.

Ask Advice from Friends, Family, and Student Advisors

Advice is plenty when starting a new journey like going off to college. Check in with family members, learn from their mistakes before you make them yourself!


It is very hard to succeed in your studies when you are distracted by issues at home. It’s important to discuss your goals and plans with friends and family members so they can support you when they see signs of struggle. Reach out to Student Advisors when choosing your courses so that you have a proper balance of time for school work and time for fun!

Learn to Manage Your Time, Take Care of Yourself, and Set Schedules

Get yourself organized and on a schedule for all your routine tasks. It helps the transition process.

The best time start a new routine is in the beginning, but it is never too late to start this year off right. Late nights of studying and having fun will quickly add up to an unhealthy YOU! Learn to set routines for daily activities like laundry, getting your three square meals, and studying with friends. All parts make up a successful college career.

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