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Color Me Relaxed in the World of Grown-Up Coloring Books

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Okay, admit it. You have one, or you secretly covet one.

Like many over-stressed, overworked Texans, I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker into the adult coloring craze.

I like to think of myself as a bit of pioneer. I’ve always loved to color. For years, I squirreled away a secret stash of coloring books. When my nieces and nephews came to visit, I’d pull them out.


Photo: Marcy Stellfox

And now, check it out. Coloring is cool again, no matter your age. Maybe you smirk at the thought, but let’s face it. Who doesn’t miss the simplicity of childhood?

I spent a relaxing afternoon recently perched on the back porch of an old country farmhouse, scribbling away with a friend. We talked, we laughed, we created. We focused on nothing but the forest of colors spread before us and which shades to use, as the sun warmed the tops of our heads.

Color Me Relaxed

Photo: Marcy Stellfox

Need some help getting started?

Coloring meet-up groups are springing up all over Central Texas. Once a week or once a month, members gather to socialize, relax and fill in designs of coloring books made for grownups. Think of it as a book club, but instead of reading, participants color.

There’s a couple of groups meeting up regularly in Austin and San Antonio. The Wimberley Village Library has a date on its calendar. Not to worry if your community doesn’t offer a coloring class yet, grab a couple of friends and head over to the neighborhood coffee shop. I bet you’ll have new members showing up in no time.

Image: Illustration of a Missouri Primrose by Dorothy A. Riddle (Photo: courtesy of Sun City Nature Club)

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