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Visit Columbus, Texas, for Schobels Buffet and the Santa Claus Museum

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If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Texas, don’t miss your chance to treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant that’s a true hidden gem of Texas eateries. Schobels serves up a tasty Texas meal you’ll be sure to savor. It’s always fun to have a few hours to spend sightseeing. And eating, of course. Anytime you’re close to Columbus, in Colorado County, it’s a good time to head for Schobels. The welcome mat stays out all day at the friendly, family-owned restaurant.

All Roads Lead to Schobels

Visit Columbus, Texas, for Schobels Buffet and the Santa Claus Museum

Photo: Facebook/Schobels Restaurant – Columbus

Schobels restaurant is owned and operated by two brothers, Bob and Andy Schobel, and their wives Mary Jane and Donna. Their mom, Nolie (Nan) Schobel, instilled a love of good home-cooking in her sons. The Schobel family has been feeding hungry road trippers and locals since 1979. It’s interesting to note that three Schobel sons, Matt, Aaron, and Bo, went on to play football for NFL teams.

The menu is extensive, featuring down-home, country cooking with German-American flavor. They use only the finest fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. Whether you order from the menu or go through the buffet line, prices are very reasonable. It’s tough to ignore the crispy fried chicken, (some of the best in the country), meatloaf, and BBQ on the other end of the buffet line. Full buffet price is only $11.99, and includes desserts. Those are always delicious at Schobels; my favorite is their buttermilk pie.

Schobels Displays Homemade Items

Visit Columbus, Texas, for Schobels Buffet and the Santa Claus Museum

Photo: Jo Ann Holt

The salad bar has loads of veggies, spinach, and lettuce mixed with homemade dressings like ranch, blue cheese, and Thousand Island. There’s also a huge block of cheddar cheese, and beets, broccoli, red onion, olives, and more. Plus potato salad, cole slaw, and even some meat to make a heartier salad. Be sure to splurge on a glass of ice tea ($2.99), since Schobels makes delicious, strongly brewed tea.

There’s more to do at Schobels than just eat. They display a dizzying array of candies, homemade jams, preserves, and other goodies in their lobby market. They are located at 2020 Milam Street in Columbus and open every day from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Follow their Facebook page here at this link.

Santa Claus Museum

Visit Columbus, Texas, for Schobels Buffet and the Santa Claus Museum

Photo: Facebook/Cypress United Methodist Church

Don’t leave Columbus without a stop by the historic Colorado County Courthouse. The picturesque building was built in 1891 and recently restored. If you love the beauty of Texas courthouses, be sure to stop by.

Santa Claus visits Columbus every day, and not just for Christmas. The Santa Claus Museum, 602 Washington Street, is delightful looking with decorative candy cane poles. You’re invited to step inside and view the 2,500-item Santa Claus collection of Mary Elizabeth Youens Hopkins (1913-1990). It’s a delight for young and old alike, and if Christmas is your favorite holiday, you’ve got to add this museum to your bucket list of travel destinations. After her death, Mrs. Hopkins’ extensive collection was donated to Columbus Historic Preservation Trust. The trust operates the museum, but it’s only open by appointment. So be sure to call ahead!