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Man Quickly Leaps in the Comal River to Save a Drowning Girl

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Though the Comal River water is low downstream from the New Braunfels City Tube Chute, a drop along a dam creates quite a strong current that can trap young folks and not-so-strong swimmers. Last week, a teen girl got caught in the white running water, and she was unable to upright herself. It was clear that she was struggling and inhaling a great deal of water. Her mother tried to rescue her, but the current took her too far away from her child. The family needed a hero.

Luckily, KSAT reports that off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Adan Sanchez was nearby and heard the commotion. While his wife filmed the incident (the tape can be seen here), Sanchez was able to reach the girl by approaching from the top of the dam. He managed to keep his footing in the rushing water and pushed off of the rocks with the girl and move toward calmer water.

KENS 5 quotes Acting Chief Patrol Agent of Del Rio Sector Matthew J. Hudak as expressing, “Del Rio Sector agents are committed to preserving life and the safety of our communities, both on and off the job. I am immensely proud of the selfless actions that Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Sanchez took that day and remind our agents to remain vigilant at all times.”